French Flaking Mills Featured in Oil Mill Gazetteer Magazine

Our newest flaking mill, the Model 3180, was recently featured in the 1st Quarter issue of the Oil Mill Gazetteer magazine, an IOMSA publication.

French Oil Mill Machinery Co. has been designing and manufacturing roller mills for over 100 years. Its newest product, the Model 3180 flaking mill, is designed to process 425-500 tons of oilseed per day.

According to Director of Marketing Tayte French Lutz, the Model 3180 is the largest of the company’s three flaking mill models, and it offers oilseed processors greater capacity without the pitfalls of many other high-capacity flaking mills.

“Issues such as damaging vibration and roll deflection, which can be potential problems on larger mills, are minimized on French mills by precision design and engineering,” explains French Lutz. “The sturdy construction and smooth operation of French flaking mills insure stable process results.  In addition, the Model 3180 flaking mill has a high mill-weight to roll-weight ratio, which provides a heavy-duty support structure for the rolls,” she says. “The support structure includes a heavy base that provides superior vibration damping, which extends roll bearing life and minimizes stress on the foundation.”


  • Rigid sliding bearing blocks mounted on precision-machined keyways and a one-piece, cast iron base helps maintain precise roll alignment, minimizes vibration and maximizes roll life.
  • Specially cast rolls offer higher thermal conductivity.
  • Rolls remain dynamically balanced at full operating speeds.
  • Meal guards contact the roll ends rather than the roll surface.

Visit our dedicated flaking mill product page to learn more about the features and benefits of French flaking mills or contact us to request a quote.

We also offer cracking mills for cracking larger beans, seeds, or nuts into smaller pieces prior to flaking or pressing, and a complete line of Achiever series oil extraction screw presses for extracting oil from a variety of oil bearing materials in either full press or prepress applications.