C-Frame Transfer Molding Presses Allow Adjustability in Press Operation

TMP, A Division of French was awarded a contact with the Defense Department for six self-containing C-Frame style heavy duty transfer molding presses to mold rubber components.

The hydraulic presses were built with 18” x 18” electrically heated platens, with an adjustable heating rate of 15°F per minute up to a steady state of 600°F. The press clamping force is accurately adjustable up to 50 tons along with a 25 ton transfer cylinder with precision control of speeds, pressures and positions, yielding full adjustability in press operation.

An operator friendly Allen Bradley machine control allows the customer to program over 50 recipes for transfer and compression molding cycles. Process variables such as temperature heat zones, pressures, speeds, press positions and cycle times can be changed and monitored on large color screens. Alarms for temperature and pressure deviations are also displayed, along with full reporting capabilities of each cycle set-points and actual operating parameters.

As an additional feature, each press is fitted with a modem giving the customer the ability to monitor operating parameters remotely and to allow our electrical engineers to facilitate requested system changes or to perform service from our facility in Piqua, Ohio, expediting maintenance procedures and reducing service costs.

The presses meet stringent defense department requirements including OSHA General Industry Standards 29 CFR 1910, the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 79-1994 also the electrical standard for Industrial Machinery and environmental considerations for all hazardous fluid/material including Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS).

After successful acceptance test by the Defense Department, TMP supervised the installation of the six transfer molding presses, supplied training for multiple operators, including preventative maintenance and troubleshooting techniques for maintenance personnel.

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C-Frame transfer molding press with electrically heated platens, advanced controls and compression molding capabilities.