Custom Hydraulic Presses Resources

The French Oil Mill Machinery Company’s custom hydraulic presses feature a wide variety of engineered designs, making them a fit for solutions of all kinds – from stand-alone hydraulic presses to machines interfaced with automated material and mold handling equipment for unattended manufacturing.

Ohio is Powered By Manufacturing

In five short years, MFG Day has grown from a  modest celebration with 240 events in 37 states to a North American phenomenon with nearly 3,000 events. Don’t miss your opportunity to see how products are made by touring a manufacturing facility today.

French, Four Generations Strong

We are honored to be one of the many family owned businesses in the rubber industry highlighted in Rubber and Plastics News: Four Generations Strong, Family is integral part of French Oil Mill Machinery Company’s success.

Specialized Recipe and Data Collection System Upgrades and Retrofits

Upgrading your hydraulic press control system to our specialized recipe and data collection, the Edge II Control System, increases your ability to maintain consistent production quality. In addition to recipe creation and storage, the PC based system allows several customizable security levels and critical data collection.

Get to Know Our People: Doggett & Robbins

In the long run, it’s the people that really make it happen. The French Oil Mill Machinery Company believes in teamwork and relies on our people to make sure that our customers, suppliers, stockholders and all our stakeholders are the recipients of Superior Service and Superior Value when partnering with French.