Hydraulic Press Designs

Since the 1920s, French has designed and manufactured more than 4,500 different hydraulic press models. We specialize in custom-engineered solutions, from 15 to 2,000 tons, designed to optimize your molding process, improve your part quality and deliver the lowest life cycle costs.

Whether you need a stand-alone press or a system interfaced with automated material and mold handling equipment for unattended manufacturing, our sales and engineering teams partner with you to understand your processing applications and custom design a solution that meets your specific needs. Displayed below is a wide variety of our hydraulic presses:

Compression Presses

A compression molding press is the most widely used production method for rubber molding. French offers custom and standard designs from 20 to 2,000 tons.

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compression molding press

Transfer Presses

Transfer molding presses provide many of the benefits of injection and compression molding, allowing the molding of intricate parts in low to medium production volume requirements.

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Composite Hydraulic Presses

Fully customizable composite presses can be designed with optional shuttle or tilting platen systems to improve your process.

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Lamination Presses

French offers TMP's full range of lamination presses from small laboratory presses and prototype units to fully automated or multi-station systems.

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Sideplate Hydraulic Presses

French offers a variety of heavy-duty sideplate construction presses for dependable production molding applications.

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Column Hydraulic Presses

The column design allows for greater tooling access and can be designed for composite, compression or transfer molding, based on your process specifications.

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Vision® Series Hydraulic Laboratory Presses

Looking for laboratory presses? Our Vision® series combines the press, power unit and controls in a compact, modular package.

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Vacuum Vision® Series Hydraulic Laboratory Presses

Combines the press, power unit, vacuum clamp and controls in a compact, low-deflection sideplate design.

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TMP Hydraulic Presses

TMP, A Division of French offers a broad range of compression and transfer hydraulic presses ranging from 5 to 3,000 tons.

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Compaction Hydraulic Presses

Choose from several styles of compaction presses for molding granular and powdered materials.

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Clamshell Hydraulic Presses

Our clamshell press is ergonomically designed to improve tooling access for material loading and part removal.

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Die Trim Hydraulic Presses

High performance, low tonnage, down-acting presses that are perfect for die trim applications.

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