Injection Molding Press

TMP Asian injection molding presses are available in three different models:


RIVH & SIVH Models

The Econo-Jet RIVH rubber injection molding press series features a specialized two-stage material supply that effectively expels bubbles out of the raw material, eliminating the presence of dead material in the injection system.

The Econo-Jet SIVH solid silicone injection molding press series features a patented double screw material feeding system to minimize entrapped air.



RIVV Model

The compact footprint of the Econo-Jet RIVV allows easy installation and minimizes floor space needs.  The RIVV press is designed to operate with accurate surface precision, delivering quality parts.



RIHH Model

The Econo-Jet RIHH rubber injection molding press is a user-friendly, fully automatic machine. Its horizontal construction reduces the height of the machine operation, adding ease to the replacement and maintenance of the mold.