Custom Hydraulic Press & Rubber Mixer Manufacturer

TMP, A Division of French

TMP, A Division of French, designs, manufactures, rebuilds, and services hydraulic presses, lamination presses, rubber mixers and related components, advanced controls and auxiliary equipment. TMP’s commitment to quality, our proven technology and dedicated service teams allow customers to produce higher quality products with increased production rates and reduced operating costs.

About TMP

In 2011 TMP announced our new operating name, TMP, A Division of French (formerly Technical Machine Products), a result of our new sales structure with The French Oil Mill Machinery Company, aimed at our continued effort to harmonize the TMP and French brands since TMP’s 2009 acquisition by French. With this change, TMP concentrates sales efforts on tilt-style intensive rubber mixers, lamination presses for the printed circuit board and plastic card industries and hydraulic presses for the composite and laboratory markets. Both TMP & French sell to the rubber markets with TMP serving new and existing customers while French focuses on their existing customers.

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Rubber Mixer DesignsTMP Rubber Mixer

TMP offers a variety of technically advanced mixing systems for the rubber, plastic, composite and related industries. Our TECHNI-MIX HD Series tilt-body mixers are available in a variety of batch sizes, from 35 to 110 liter production models, and provide the highest quality mixing of precise rubber and plastic formulations. The Econo-Mix series of kneader-type intensive mixers allows TMP to meet your entire range of mixing needs for economy and performance.

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Hydraulic Press Designstmp-hydraulic-press

TMP offers a broad range custom hydraulic press designs from 5 to 3,000 tons with various platen sizes and heating/cooling methods for compression and transfer molding, laminating and forming. Customers in more than 1,500 locations worldwide rely on TMP molding systems to meet their objectives for product quality and process efficiency with lower life cycle costs.

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Advanced Controlsadvanced-controls

At the heart of the hydraulic press molding processes are TMP’s state-of-the-art control systems. The TMP-designed and supported controls are microprocessor-based systems designed to improve product quality through better pressing accuracy, repeatability, versatile process control programming and monitoring of data for analysis.

TMP offers two standard control systems, proven for their ability to precision mold or laminate a wide range of materials and products.

Learn more about our CPS Controls for Compression Molding and the “Edge” Controls for Composite and Laminate Molding.


Your Molding Application

As a custom equipment manufacturer, French and TMP engineers partner with our customers to learn their precise molding, mixing or laminating requirements and can design systems to optimize their process. We have experience in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, composite, defense, printed circuit board, plastic card, sporting goods, and more.

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Maintenance and Calibrationtmp-press-maintenance

Maintaining your capital equipment at its peak efficiency is a crucial part of getting the most out of your investment and reducing your overall operating costs. French provides maintenance and calibration services, hydraulic press and rubber mixer machine rebuilding services and a complete range of replacement parts for French and TMP products that fit your exact needs the first time and every time thereafter.

Learn more about our aftermarket services: maintenance, calibration, repair parts and machine rebuilding.