TMP Hydraulic Press Designs

TMP, A Division of French

TMP offers a broad range of custom hydraulic presses from 5 to 3,000 tons with various cooled and heated platen designs for bonding, compression molding, forming, laminating and transfer molding rubber, composite, laminate and a variety of other special materials. TMP’s advanced control systems and optional process automation upgrades help customers in more than 1,500 locations in over 16 countries meet their objectives for product quality and process efficiency with lower life cycle costs.

Heated Platen Press

TMP style platen presses can be supplied for compression molding, transfer or vacuum molding with either electrical, hot oil or steam heating and cooling features.

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Rubber Molding Press

TMP offers a variety of compression molding machine styles including automatic hydraulic press systems for silicone or rubber molding.

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Composite Molding Press

The TMP Techni-Mold presses for thermoplastics & composite molding are designed for uniform heat distribution and temperature control for high-temperature heating up to 1200 °F.

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Transfer Molding Press

A transfer molding press combines the best features of compression molding with all the advantages of injection molding, molding consistent specialized parts each time.

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Vacuum Molding Press

Vacuum molding minimizes the inclusion of trapped air or gases that cause defective parts. TMP’s patented technique creates a vacuum chamber around the entire mold.

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Lab Press

TMP hydraulic laboratory presses are appropriate for single part verification and small part production of rubber, silicone, laminate and composite materials.

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PCB Lamination Press

TMP printed circuit board (PCB) lamination presses lead the industry in advanced engineering and system innovations.

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Plastic Card Lamination Press

TMP offers a full range of plastic card lamination press options from small lab presses and prototype units to fully-automated or multi-station systems.

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