Heated Platen Press

TMP, A Division of French

TMP style heated platen presses can be supplied for compression, transfer or vacuum molding with either electrical, hot oil or steam heating. Custom and standard platen sizes are available, along with various press pressure ranges.

hydraulic heated platen press
270-Ton Hydraulic Heated Platen Press

Contact a French representative for more information on a TMP style heated platen press.

Electrically Heated Platen Press

TMP style Electrically Heated Platen Presses are uniquely designed to provide uniform heat distribution and temperature control, which is ideal for molding, bonding or lamination. Standard electrically heated platen presses heat to an operating temperature of 550 °F, though we can provide optional heating up to 1200 °F. Learn more about our Electrically Heated Platen Press.

Oil Heated Platen Press

TMP style Oil Heated Platen Presses provide the most accurate and uniform temperature in your molding process. Oil heating is suitable for the entire range of composite and rubber molding, bonding and laminating applications. Oil heated platens offer controlled heating to an operating temperature of 750 °F. Learn more about our Oil Heated Platen Press.

Steam Heated Platen Press

TMP style Steam Heated Platen Presses provide cost effective heating and accurate temperatures for molding, particleboard, laminating and bonding. Platens are properly engineered and designed to match your existing or new steam source for heating up to 400 °F. Learn more about our Steam Heated Platen Press.

Platen Press Integrated with Isoplaten®

TMP style Platen Presses integrated with Isoplaten® heated platen technology deliver more uniform cure rates at optimum processing temperatures, decreased cycle times, reduced maintenance and lower energy costs in rubber molding. Learn more about our Platen Press with Isoplatens®.electrically heated platen press

French Oil Mill Machinery Company owns the exclusive license from Acrolab for the manufacture and sale of Isoplatens® within the rubber molding and processing industry in North America and selected worldwide markets. Isoplaten® is a registered trademark of Acrolab Ltd.