TMP Rubber Mixers

TMP, A Division of French

TMP designs, manufactures and supports technically advanced mixing systems from 5 to 110 liter models for the rubber, plastic, composite and related industries. Completely American made, each rubber mixer in the Techni-Mix HD Series provides the highest quality mixing of precise rubber and plastic formulations.

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About TMP Rubber Mixers

TMP’s tilt-type Techni-Mix rubber mixers, equipped with our advanced mixer control system, mixes materials based on time, temperature or power (energy utilization – KWH), giving you consistent results, batch to batch. Many applications only require one pass through the TMP Techni-Mix before passing quality lab tests, with excellent material dispersion and physicals. This consistency greatly reduces total material processing cost, increasing productivity and profit.

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Rubber Mixer Designs

TMP offers a variety of batch sizes for every application, from a 5 liter laboratory mixer to the larger 35, 55, 75 and 110 liter models. Mixing in an adaptable tilt mixer reduces cycle time, improves quality, facilitates ease of cleaning and reduces total processing costs.

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Auxiliary Equipment

In addition to the Techni-Mix heavy duty and Econo-Mix kneader-type tilt-mixers, TMP offers a variety of Auxiliary Equipment for rubber and silicone processing: Skip-hoist conveyors, weigh scales, mixer and ingredient control systems, turn-key engineering studies and more.

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Advanced Control Packages

The Techni-Mix Mixer Control System is designed to operate any TMP intensive mixer used for rubber or silicone compounding and allows an advanced means of developing, analyzing and storing compound mixing procedures. The Control System provides for documentation of the various process parameters for each mixing sequence, documentation of changes made to the mixing procedure by the operator, and production history and analysis.

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Rubber Mixer Service, Parts & Rebuilding

TMP, A Division of French provides field maintenance service and can supply all needed repair parts to ensure you get the optimum performance of your rubber mixer. In addition, regardless of the size or brand of mixer, TMP offers rebuilding services that deliver the best return on your dollar.

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Techni-Mix Rubber Mixer Case Study for Mixing Fluoroelastomer Material

Read how one of TMP’s customers has relied on their TMP 35 Liter Techni-Mix mixer to mix carbon black fluoroelastomers for over 10 years. The Techni-Mix, equipped with TMP’s advanced mixer control system, is used to mix materials based on power (energy utilization – KWH) which gives the customer consistent results batch to batch.