TMP Rubber Mixer Designs

TMP, A Division of French

TMP offers a variety of batch sizes for every application, from a 5 liter laboratory mixer to the larger 35, 55, 75 and 110 liter models. Mixing in an adaptable tilt mixer reduces cycle time, improves quality, facilitates ease of cleaning and reduces total processing costs.

Techni-Mix High Production Mixerrubber-mixer

The Techni-Mix high production tilt-style mixer for rubber and plastic formulations are available in a variety of batch sizes for every application, even the toughest compounds, from 35 to 110 liter production models. Each Techni-Mix silicone and rubber mixer is designed and built to meet your specific needs.

Techni-Mix Laboratory Mixerlab-mixers

The durable and versatile Techni-Mix series also offers a 5 liter rubber mixer for laboratory work.  Like it’s larger series counterparts, the tilt-body style lab mixer allows for ease of clean out between different compounds and colors.  The Techni-Mix lab mixer is as dependable as it is versatile.


The Econo-Mix series of kneader-type intensive rubber mixers allows TMP to meet your entire range of needs for economy and performance.