Custom Hydraulic Press for Specialty Molding Capabilities Increases Production

TMP designed a system of automated mechanical stops to replace the manually inserted stops to decrease cycle time and increase product capacity.

A leading manufacturer of foam-filled panels approached TMP about developing a new, specialty hydraulic press. The client was attempting to fabricate sandwiches of sheet metal that contained an inner core made from foam. Their goal was to decrease cycle time and increase production capacity for a product measuring 72″ x 150″ that required low pressure and adjustable mechanical stops to prevent crushing.

To increase production, TMP custom designed a hydraulic press with four independent openings. The top two openings closed by down action and the bottom two openings closed by up action, allowing two of the openings to be serviced while the other two continued production. To facilitate changeover for various product heights, TMP designed a system of automated mechanical stops to replace the manually inserted and cumbersome stops previously used for this purpose.

To further accelerate production, high speed loaders and unloaders were designed to handle carrier plates at rates up to 500 inches per minute. In addition, since the cycle involved cooling as well as heating, the carriers were automatically preheated to the desired temperature before each cycle.

For safe operation, 9 separate safety zones were incorporated into the press by using a combination of safety floor mats as well as scanners. By designating zones, operations could take place at non-moving parts of the equipment while the other areas continued to be guarded.

The result has been a vast upgrade in speed, quality, reliability, and safety.

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