1,000 Ton Lamination Press with Twin Hydraulic Press Arrangements

Low Profile Lamination Press Improves Production And Lowers Costs

TMP, a global hydraulic press manufacturer for the printed circuit board and plastic card lamination markets, introduces a patented (pending) low profile hydraulic lamination press that improves production and reduces costs.

Because this hydraulic press is installed at floor level, no pit is required, reducing the cost of installation. With lowest opening just 18 inches above ground level, the system allows for both ease of inspection and simplified maintenance.

TMP has located both the hydraulic components and rams outside of the work envelope, illuminating the potential for oil contamination and spills. This positioning of the rams also reduces the frequency of seal replacement and makes maintenance faster and easier.

The low profile lamination press systems from TMP provide more uniform products and reduce scrap rates by minimizing deflection and assuring perfectly flat products. Industrially hard process controllers also assure quality with highly accurate and programmable control of pressure, temperature, and material handling.

The low profile lamination press is available in sizes up to 1000 tons and with up to 24 openings. The twin press arrangement, with cooling presses and automatic handling equipment, is standard on all sizes.

Since 1978 TMP has been in the business of engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of technologically-advanced machines. TMP is an innovative designer, manufacturer, rebuilder, and servicer of hydraulic presses, laminators, intensive mixers, and related components, controls, and auxiliary equipment. TMP supplies machines and parts to thousands of customers worldwide for many molding, mixing, and product handling applications.