Techni-Mix Rubber Mixer Case Study for Mixing Fluoroelastomer Material

TMP 35 Liter Techni-Mix Mixer Increases Customer’s Productivity and Profit

The TMP Techni-Mix HD series tilt-type industrial mixer is proven to increase customer’s productivity and profit.

One of TMP’s customers has relied on their TMP 35 Liter Techni-Mix mixer to mix carbon black fluoroelastomers for over 10 years. The Techni-Mix, equipped with TMP’s advanced mixer control system, is used to mix materials based on power (energy utilization – KWH) which gives the customer consistent results batch to batch. The mixed fluoroelastomer material passes quality lab testing, with excellent dispersion and physicals, after one pass through the TMP Techni-Mix. This consistency has greatly reduced the customer’s total material processing cost, increasing their productivity and profit.

With the machine programmed to mix on energy utilization – KWH, operators can also monitor various control parameters such as segment times, rotor RPM, batch temperature and ram pressure to ensure and confirm accurate mixing execution.

TMP’s American-made, Techni-Mix HD Series industrial mixers are available in a variety of sizes from a 5 Liter laboratory size to the larger 35 to 110 Liter production models. TMP mixers can be used for most mixing applications, along with a full range of options that can be configured to meet customer’s needs. Mixers can also be offered with TMP’s exclusive vacuum design option to contain and aid in dispersion of ingredients and reduce moisture.

TMP Techni-Mix Rubber Mixer

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