TMP Automatic 250 ton Hydraulic Press for Cold Pot Transfer Molding

TMP, A Division of French offers a new heavy-duty slab side automatic hydraulic vacuum press for cold pot transfer molding parts for the automotive industry. The low deflection 250-ton press is fitted with 20” x 20” solid steel platens with heating elements divided into multiple zones for enhanced temperature uniformity. In addition, the platens are totally insulated to restrict heat transfer into press components.

A self-contained prefill-type hydraulic system is totally enclosed and driven by an energy efficient motor, which allows fast close, opening and accurate, repeatable tonnage control. The press operator can manage overall press operation, including temperature, pressure, times, bumps and counts with Allen Bradley base controls.

The press vacuum system features doors mounted on the front and backside of the press that completely seal off the daylight opening and allow rapid vacuum to be drawn on the press’ total working area. The front door is opened and closed via a double acting cylinder and is sequenced with the press operating cycle. The rear door can be opened manually for maintenance purposes.

To increase production time, the press is designed with mold automation. After the cycle time is complete, a mold section is shuttled forward out of the press onto a knock out table to allow the operator to easily remove parts, inspect the mold and rapidly shuttle in the mold to repeat the cycle.

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250 ton Automatic Hydraulic Vacuum Press for Cold Pot Transfer Molding

About TMP

TMP, A Division of French engineers and manufactures a variety of technologically advanced high temperature hydraulic presses and associated automation for compression, transfer and vacuum molding of all types of composites and thermoplastics. TMP also offers laminating presses, intensive mixers, their related components, controls and auxiliary equipment. TMP services machines and offers machine rebuilding, which invariably includes upgrades for higher automation, improved product quality and process control. TMP was acquired by the French Oil Mill Machinery Company in 2009 and is internationally recognized for building high-performance machinery. To date, TMP has supplied machinery to over 1,000 customers in over 16 countries.

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