French Vision® Series Hydraulic Press Increases Production Rates & Reduces Energy Consumption

French recently custom designed a Vision Series Hydraulic Press with a 75-ton high temperature heating press and a 30-ton cooling press integrated with a central hydraulic and electrical system. Separating the heating and cooling press units gives the customer two improvements to their molding process, increased production and reduced energy consumption.

The heating press features a pair of multi-zone, electrically heated platens rated to 750º F. Each multi-zone platen includes electric cartridge heaters, thermocouples, over-temperature control and a specialized insulation package for greater temperature control. The heavy-duty hydraulic press components are designed for minimum deflection, which guarantees dimensional part accuracy.

The precision control package provides high level processing capability. It includes speed, position and full range tonnage control (2 to 75-ton) with a high accuracy of +/- .25-ton that is verified with a calibrated load cell.

The cooling press has programmable tonnage control and is fitted with water-cooled platens. It also includes a thermocouple and thermostatic water control valve to reduce water usage and energy costs.

The process monitoring system has visual and audible alarms to warn operators of out-of-range molding conditions on either press. Additional features include a heater burnout detection, data collection and process monitoring to help ensure consistent high quality production.

Numerous recipes with multiple and adjustable pressure and temperature process segments can be programmed and stored within the PLC. The energy efficient package includes a premium efficient TEFC electric motor, a high/low pump system, programmable energy saving mode with on/off pump motor and a controlled cooling loop to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

The enclosure encompasses both presses. It is designed with sliding front doors with window and pivoting rear doors for easy tool loading/unloading and platen maintenance. The enclosure and hood with exhaust duct captures fumes emanated during the molding operation. The enclosure and doors surrounding the heated press are also insulated to protect them from the high molding temperatures. For easy movement and relocation, the press includes built-in lift truck tubes and leveling pads.

French has been the industry technology and quality leader since 1900, serving customers in over 80 countries. The family-owned, ISO-certified company custom designs, manufactures and supports a wide assortment of stand-alone hydraulic presses and turnkey systems for the composite, friction, lamination and rubber industries. Press tonnages generally range from 20 to 2000 tons, with various platen sizes, for compression, transfer, lamination or vacuum molding. Common requested sizes include 100 ton hydraulic presses, 1000 ton hydraulic presses and 2,000 ton hydraulic presses. French presses are well known for their superior value, very low deflection, rugged construction, long life and industry-leading three-year warranty.

To learn more about French hydraulic presses designed for your profitability, please contact a French sales engineer or download our Vision press brochure.

Vision Series 75-Ton and 30-Ton Hydraulic Press System