500 ton Hydraulic Press Custom Designed with Platens to Form Aircraft Parts

French recently developed a TMP-style four-post, downacting 500 ton hydraulic press with controls and hydraulics specially designed for forming metal aircraft parts. The custom press features a large 60×144 inch work area.

The press bolster was designed with multiple tee slots for ease of die changing and extended brass bushings to ensure accurate press guiding. The hydraulic system features a self-contained power unit with an energy efficient pump motor combination designed to reduce overall operating costs. Further, the large platen press met strict audible noise requirements when in operation.

For increased operator safety, the press was designed with multiple protective features including a safety device to prevent closure of the press due to hydraulic line failure, light curtain safety guards around the press and expanded metal guards, plus special software to detect inadvertent press motion.

Due to the scale of the large platen press, the hydraulic unit and control were strategically mounted on a base plate to allow unitized shipping and flexibility in the press’ location in the customer’s plant.

The turnkey press order included press shipping to the customer’s facility, rigging, press installation, utility contracting, start-up and training for the customer’s press operators.

Learn more about our platen press capabilities. Platen presses can be supplied with either electrical, hot oil or steam heating. Custom and standard platen press sizes are available.

500 ton hydraulic press

About TMP

TMP was acquired by the French Oil Mill Machinery Company in 2009 and is internationally recognized for building high-performance hydraulic presses and rubber mixers.