300 Ton Composite Molding Press for Medical Laboratory Testing Components

TMP, A Division of French recently developed a custom 300-ton heavy duty, downacting composite molding press for a customer that molds components for medical laboratory testing facilities.

The 300-ton hydraulic press features a heavy-duty ground headblock to yield low deflection levels. The press bolster is furnished with extended full circle guides to insure parallelism with press closing and opening. In addition, mounted in the bottom bolster are three knock out cylinders that allow the customer to run their full range of molds. For additional flexibility and guaranteed repeatability in the customer’s molding process, the press is supplied with proportional valves that easily allow accurate control of pressure and speed. To enhance operator safety, the press is equipped with steel safety posts that move in and out of the press and are properly interlocked with the control system. TMP engineers worked closely with the customer’s software engineers to incorporate their proprietary operator interface and computerized controls.

About TMP, A Division of French

TMP, A Division of French designs, manufactures and supports a variety of technologically advanced hydraulic presses for compression, transfer and vacuum molding of all types of composites and thermoplastics. TMP also offers laminating presses, intensive mixers, their related components, controls and auxiliary equipment. TMP’s proven technology and dedicated service gives customers higher quality products and increased production with reduced costs.

TMP also offers machine rebuilding and retrofits for automation, improved product quality and process control. TMP was acquired by The French Oil Mill Machinery Co. in 2009, ever-increasing their international reputation for building high-performance machinery. To date, TMP has supplied machinery to over 1,000 customers in over 16 countries.