300 ton Hydraulic Press Precision Forms Grinding Wheels

Low Deflection Hydraulic Press Machine to Precision Form Diamond Grinding Wheels

TMP’s low deflection, 4-Post hydraulic compression press is designed to precision form diamond grinding wheels.

The self-contained, 300-ton hydraulic compression press features hardened stainless steel heated and cooled platens for high temperature heating up to 1000ºF. To aid in temperature uniformity the platens are fitted with multiple zones and a special shaded watt density cartridge-type heating. Also included is proper hardware for staged cooling via air, mist or water.

The press’s energy efficient hydraulic system allows for fast close, opening, high-pressure and the ability to control pressure based on time or temperature, giving the customer flexibility in their process. The heavy-duty hydraulic press components are designed for minimum deflection, which guarantees high quality parts.

TMP’s Edge Advanced Control System was specially designed for the customer’s multiple segment sequence of operation. The press controller has the capability to store recipes and provide process data.

Contact us to learn more information about TMP’s hydraulic press custom capabilities and services for presses ranging from 30 ton to 2,000 ton. Commonly requested sizes include 100 ton hydraulic presses, 1000 ton hydraulic presses and 2,000 ton hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic Compression Press

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TMP, A Division of French designs, manufactures and supports a variety of technologically advanced hydraulic presses for compression, transfer and vacuum molding of all types of composites and thermoplastics. TMP also offers laminating presses, intensive mixers, their related components, controls and auxiliary equipment. TMP’s proven technology and dedicated service gives customers higher quality products and increased production with reduced costs.

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