French Releases Automated 180 Ton Hydraulic Press Video

French Oil Mill Machinery Company released a new automated hydraulic press video. The video features a unique 180-ton multi station sideplate press design with six double-acting hydraulic clamping cylinders demonstrating the press’ closed-loop hydraulic motion control by doing The Wave. The short video was filmed during a test run off in French’s Piqua, Ohio manufacturing facility prior to being shipped to the customer and put into production molding critical components for the aerospace industry.

Press Technical Specifications

Force: 180 Ton
Pressing surfaces: 6
Pressing surface size: 60 x 20 inches
Number of openings: 1
Open daylight: 10 inches
Working height: 55 inches
Controls: Edge II Control System
Platen heating: Electrically heated platens
Construction: Sideplate
Molding process: Compression