Specialized Recipe and Data Collection System Upgrades and Retrofits

Upgrading your hydraulic press control system to our specialized recipe and data collection, the Edge II Control System, increases your ability to maintain consistent production quality. In addition to recipe creation and storage, the PC based system allows several customizable security levels and critical data collection. These tools prevent inadvertent data entry errors of critical process parameters, while capturing processing data for historical and comparative analysis. As end customers are demanding more traceability of parts, this control package provides the tools necessary to fulfill these requirements.

Customers are more commonly integrating the Edge II Control System with new hydraulic press models.  However, you can also improve your production process by requesting that French and TMP retrofit your older hydraulic press system with these advanced controls.

Existing French and TMP hydraulic press control systems can be easily upgraded with the latest hardware and newer Windows OS for plant wide support and software compatibility, and allowing the latest security protection.  Most customized applications can be recreated within the newer software versions prior to the hardware installation, providing quick and flawless conversions with little or no loss in production time.  Typically, installation and training retrofit programs can be provided within a few days.

Many of our customers who provide molded, bonded or laminated products to the printed circuit board, medical, automotive, government, aerospace or military industries are mandated to provide the level of traceability offered with the Edge II Control System. Contact our team to learn more about our hydraulic press control system retrofit and upgrade services to help improve production uniformity and traceability.

Hydraulic Press Edge II Control System
A screen shot from the Edge II Control System shows the cycle status monitoring segments