Ohio is Powered By Manufacturing

In five short years, MFG Day has grown from a  modest celebration with 240 events in 37 states to a North American phenomenon with nearly 3,000 events. Don’t miss your opportunity to see how products are made by touring a manufacturing facility today.  Visit www.mfgday.com/events to find an event near you.

On MFG Day 2016, we hosted over 125 students, educators and parents for tours at our facility to teach them more about manufacturing and the incredible opportunities in our industry, particularly in the state of Ohio.  To see photos from our event visit our Facebook page.

FACT: Almost 13% of all (non-agricultural) Ohio workers were employed in manufacturing in 2015; only the health care & social assistance and government sectors had greater employment. In Miami County, Ohio, that figure is 19.4%.

FACT: Ohio ranks third in the nation for total number of manufacturing jobs, employing about 700,000 workers.

FACT: Manufacturing comprises almost 17% of Ohio’s GDP, more than any other industry.

FACT: The average annual earning for a manufacturing worker on Ohio is $57,487 – higher than any other industry sector in the state.

FACT: Machinery continued to be Ohio’s leading export in 2015. More than $50 billion in products exported to 215 countries and territories.

FACT: Manufacturing is the largest of the 20 sectors of Ohio’s economy, including government, with 16.9% of total output in 2014; durable goods were 9.4% and non-durable goods were 7.5% of Ohio’s manufacturing output.

FACT: Ohio’s manufacturing sector GDP was $98.7 billion in 2014, ranking it fourth in the nation after California, Texas, and Illinois.

FACT: Ohio ranked second in the number of new site selections nationally in the past four years, bested only by Texas. Typically about 50% of Ohio’s new site selection projects are manufacturing projects.

FACT: The vast majority of manufacturing firms are quite small. Almost 50% of Ohio manufacturing firms employ fewer than 10 people, while 0.4% of firms employ more than 1,000.

FACT: For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.81 is added to the economy. That is the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector. In addition, for every one worker in manufacturing, there are another four employees hired elsewhere.


To learn more about manufacturing, visit the National Association of Manufacturers website, www.nam.org, and The Ohio Manufacturer’s Association website, www.ohiomfg.com.