Fully Automatic Vacuum Lamination Press Improves Customer’s Processing Capabilities

TMP, A Division of French improves customer’s processing capabilities with a custom designed 32 ton vacuum lamination press used for printed circuit board development and for research of future applications and markets.

The heavy duty, fully automatic press has high temperature capabilities to 800º F and also maintains precision temperature control in both heating and cooling. The press is equipped with a complete vacuum system and a well guided clamping system for very uniform pressure distribution.

The press features the TMP Edge Advanced Control System allowing processing recipe storage at press, real time data of all press data points, actual vs. setpoint for time, temperature and pressure values throughout the cycle.  The operating data can viewed on the color, touch screen data panel user interface display and can be easily downloaded via USB port and converted into Microsoft Excel files for analysis and for operation repeatability.

Because the press was developed for a laboratory environment it includes a low vibration and low noise level package.  However, the press design is also very suitable and economical for a number of low production applications. The press can be designed with a range of platen sizes and tonnage capacities.

At press installation, TMP provided assistance in maneuvering the press into the customer’s facility and into place, including instruction for leveling and anchoring the press, re-assembly of hoses and wiring between various equipment pieces. TMP technicians performed operator training with written start-up and operating instructions as well as providing a complete set of hydraulic and electrical schematics.

Our first customer to place the press into operation stated they are “very excited to have these greater processing capabilities and [are] very pleased with the equipment performance.”

Key Press Features:

  • Uniform and high temperature control package
  • Closed loop proportional pressure control
  • Closed loop heating & cooling control with adjustable ramping
  • Vacuum package
  • Process data collection and recipe storage
  • Quiet, low noise package
  • Optimized footprint to reduce floor space needs