10 ton to 1,000 ton Compaction Press Produces Consistent High Quality PTFE Products

French’s compaction press designs, available from 10 to 1,000 tons, are ideal for consistently molding high quality synthetic Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) components and granular or powder materials.

This 30 ton down-acting compaction press was custom engineered for a customer molding Teflon seals.  To accommodate the customer’s floor space concerns, our engineers designed the press as a single integrated unit to conserve space.  The press features built-in lift truck tubes for easy placement in the customer’s facility.  For added safety, fixed guarding or light curtains are available upon request.

The enhanced precision control system permits our customer to easily adjust and program the press for closed loop compaction control. Specialized software allows the precise pressure and position control with various ramping steps.  The processing sequence is fully adjustable for process optimization.  Operating parameters can be downloaded from a PC or PLC to the logic control card, which controls the clamp system and dramatically improves the system response time.  Customers may also choose optional power outlets and data ports for efficient communication to the PLC and processor.

With all custom equipment projects, we partner with our customers to understand their processing capabilities and their needs in order to design custom equipment that will improve their process and bottom line.  Our relationships extend beyond equipment delivery and installation to superior service and customer satisfaction.  “The new processing capabilities have helped us fine tune the compaction recipe to produce consistent high quality products.”

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30 Ton Compaction Press for Molding PTFE Components