Daniel P. French Discusses our Vision of Customer Partnership

We strive to be Your Partner in Processing by supplying improved machinery solutions that optimize your processes.  Through listening to you and learning more about your business, we custom design our equipment to your unique manufacturing requirements in order to improve your manufacturing processes.

Our Chairman and CEO, Daniel P. French, sheds light on our sales and partnership methods in this short video. “Our approach…is to sit on the same side of the desk as the customer and put the problem on the other side of the desk.”

French’s method is a departure from the typical vision of a sales interaction where the salesmen sits on one side of the desk and the customer on the other.

Our team of executives, salesmen and engineers work closely with our customers’ company executives, plant managers and other critical staff to fully understand their company goals and their processing methods.

Using this knowledge, our engineers design equipment that meets our customers’ requirements and can have a positive impact on their bottom line by means of increased productivity, reduced energy usage, less scrap and improved product quality.  In addition, our heavy-duty hydraulic press systems and processing equipment are known to operate reliably with a long lifespan, reducing downtime and overall life cycle costs.

As Mr. French states, “…when we’re all on the same side of the desk, we come up with a better solution and have a good time doing it!”  For more than 115 years, this vision of partnership has proven to be better for our customers and subsequently for our customers’ customers.

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