Custom Hydraulic Press Composite Molding Systems to be Displayed at CAMX

French Oil Mill Machinery Company and TMP, A Division of French will display their wide variety of custom designed and manufactured heavy duty composite molding hydraulic presses at the CAMX Expo taking place in Orlando, Florida, from December 12-14, 2017.  The event was originally scheduled for the September time frame but was unfortunately postponed due to Hurricane Irma.

French and TMP composite presses come in upacting or downacting configurations and are typically designed with very low deflection, +/- .001” per foot calculated with a load fully distributed over the entire platen. Custom platen sizes and configurations are available with tonnage capacity to 2,000 tons and packages for high temperature heating up to 1200 F for the manufacture of critical composite components for the aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, sporting industries and more.

Presses can be fitted with process improving features including loading and unloading automation systems, vacuum chambers, tilting platens and advanced electrical control packages that give customers greater press control and flexibility.

One of their more recent designs, a 400 ton sideplate hydraulic press, features 36” x 24” platens and a 38” daylight opening between press head and moving bolster.  Platen water cooling or heating functions, either electric, oil, steam or their specialized UNI-TEMP heated platens can be customized based on the customer’s manufacturing requirements.  Light curtains can be mounted on the press front. Press sides and rear have aluminum frames with expanded metal or plexiglass inter guards as a safety precaution.

The compression Press Control System is a microprocessor-based system, designed to improve quality through better processing accuracy, repeatability, versatile process-control programming and monitoring of data for analysis. The system is operator-friendly, simple to use and easily utilized to control most molding applications. Components of the system include an Allen Bradley PLC and color touchscreen operator interface which displays press programming of machine recipes including temperature set-point, pressure set-points and time as well as visual alarms for temperature and pressure faults. The controller also features press pushbuttons for emergency stop and press movements.

French service engineers are available for press start up assistance and operator training, to ensure customers get optimal machinery performance from their investments.  French’s service team has 24-hour accessibility by phone for trouble-shooting, reducing concerns of lengthy customer downtime.

To learn more about this composite press system or other custom hydraulic presses please visit us in booth A39 at the CAMX Expo or call our hydraulic press sales group at 937-773-3420.

400 Ton Composite Molding Hydraulic Press