Manufacturing Attention, Pro-Growth, Pro-Worker Policies Benefiting Our Industry

For years American manufacturers have been refuting the claim that “manufacturing is dead in this country”.  Fortunately, the dialog is changing and we have proof that the American manufacturing industry is indeed growing and open for business.


  • The American manufacturing industry added 196,000 jobs in 2017
  • In January 2018 manufacturing employment rose by 15,000 jobs, then by another 31,000 in February
  • The average weekly earnings are up almost 4% in the last twelve month
  • In January US-manufactured good exports were also up almost 4% over last year

Growth in the world economy has played a major role in these favorable statistics, but that is not the only catalyst.  Domestically, increased attention on the manufacturing industry and policy changes are also leading to these positive results.  According to a December 2017 survey by NAM, the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturers report that they are planning to invest in new plants and equipment, increase their charitable giving, hire more employees and increase benefits.

As NAM Senior Vice President and General Counsel Linda Kelly points out, due to statistics like these, “manufacturers have record-high optimism about the future of our industry—about our ability to grow and create jobs for the future here in the United States—due in part to the administration’s focus on reducing the regulatory burden.”

In February, Jay Timmons, NAM President and CEO, and David Farr, Emerson Electric CEO Chairman and CEO, were interviewed on CNBC and reiterated this trend.  Their discussion focused on the impact recent tax cuts and regulatory relief has had on making American companies more competitive in the marketplace and on heightening confidence in manufacturing.

While President Trump was campaigning, and since his election to office in November 2016, he has been steadfast in his efforts to benefit the manufacturing industry through policy changes.  As part of that process Trump came to Ohio for a round table of manufacturer owners and executives in September 2016, hosted at Staub Manufacturing Solutions in Dayton, Ohio. The conversation did not end there.  In March 2017 Steve Staub, President of a third generation family business, Staub Manufacturing, was invited to the White House to participate in another round table discussion with President Trump and Vice President Pence.  Staub Manufacturing Solutions was one of only 12 manufacturers chosen from around the country to discuss possible changes to tax laws, health care, various regulations and workforce development efforts.

The Staub family is not the only local manufacturing business owner getting the ear of our nation’s top leaders.  Greg Knox, owner of Knox Machinery, met with Vice President Mike Pence at a listening session near Cincinnati in March 2017. To continue the conversation, Knox was then one of a handful of small business owners selected to meet with President Trump at the White House to discuss health care and its impact on their business and employees.

Our administration has taken the feedback from manufacturers into account when making recent economic policy changes and many manufacturing businesses are feeling the positive impact.  “They’ve just finished their best year in their 20 year history,” Trump said of Staub Manufacturing, who was in attendance at the President’s State of the Union address, representing the manufacturing industry.

The President and U.S. Senator Rob Portman, R-Ohio, visited one of our vendors, Sheffer Corporation, in February 2018. Sheffer, located outside of Cincinnati in Blue Ash, Ohio, is a manufacturer of custom pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders used on our hydraulic presses.  Earlier this year the company distributed $1,000 bonuses to all of its employees as a result of the savings it expects from the revised tax law.  Two of our employees, Douglas Smith and Kyle Kadrovach, were guests of the event, where Trump and Portman toured the manufacturing facility before Trump addressed the crowd and outlined how tax reform will help manufacturers across the country in 2018 and beyond.

Jeff Norris, Sheffer Corporation President and CEO stated “We really calculated our tax savings that we’re going to receive; we figured it was going to be 8-10% on any of our profits. We calculated a little over $100,000, so we paid a $1,000 bonus to each of our 126 employees….they were overjoyed. Some people have said that’s ‘crumbs,’ but for the Sheffer people, we consider that fine dining.”

The increased attention to the manufacturing industry and pro-growth, pro-worker policies are benefiting our industry, helping businesses like ours succeed, grow, and be more competitive in the global market.  The manufacturing industry is expected to continue creating high paying jobs, making careers in manufacturing an attractive choice for those entering the work force and for those looking to change their career path.

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