ULTRIX™ 2,000 Ton Hydraulic Press

The French ULTRIX 2,000 ton hydraulic press delivers remarkably low deflection levels and produces finished-dimension molded parts. Combined load variation and machining error on the ULTRIX hydraulic press is about one-third the value normally found in precision presses. This improves productivity, reduces waste and reduces overall life cycle costs.

The double daylight ULTRIX hydraulic press maintains +/- .001” variation in deflection and machining error under 2,000 tons load over a 50” x 50” pressing surface. This low deflection yields accurate, uniform parts, which require little or no post handling and very low scrap rates.

Heavy-duty construction guarantees years of reliable service with minimal downtime. We combine a rugged patented taper key sideplate press design, with highly dependable and efficient hydraulic systems. The sophisticated electrical control system stores product recipe pressing requirements and allows traceability and repeatability in your molding process. The press can also be equipped with a light curtain front opening guard that stops the press when the light is interrupted. Our custom engineered design features not only extend the life of the press, but also produce more consistent and higher quality parts at higher cycle rates.

French engineers can custom design an ULTRIX hydraulic press in varying tonnage sizes and configurations to meet your exact needs. These presses can be used for a large variety of industrial applications including transfer molding, rubber and plastics molding, fuel cell manufacturing, composite part manufacturing and more.


2000 Ton Hydraulic Press