2,000 Ton Hydraulic Press System

This two press 2,000 ton press system was custom engineered and manufactured for molding large diameter seals for the oil and gas industry.

The hydraulic presses have a sideplate construction featuring our patented tapered keys, which extend the life of the headblock, the sideplates and the main cylinder.  The press frame was rigidly designed for low deflection and applies pressure with an up-acting cylinder.

The press system includes an Allen Bradley programmable controller and a color touch screen operator interface. The press system comes with a standard press program that monitors close, clamp, bump, dwell, and open.  However, customers may opt for a more advanced central PC data collection package with integrated software that allows a means to create and store recipes, capture and retrieve historical data, display graphs and charts, and create reports.

The presses have two 2.5” thick, 64” inch square, steam heated platens for heating up to 350º F. Each platen includes multiple channels and 1″ NPT Inlets and Outlets. For greater temperature uniformity, thick insulation is installed between the platens and the press.

In order to optimize space restrictions in the customer’s plant, our engineers designed the system with a central hydraulic system and a common customized reservoir. In addition, the press system includes a secondary small hydraulic hold pump motor group to maintain clamp tonnage pressure during the lengthy cure portion of the molding cycle. The main motor and pump are programmed to shut off, allowing significant energy savings.

Press Capacity: 2,000 US Tons
Ram Diameter: 48″
Ram Type Hollow: Cast Iron
Total Press Stroke: 40”
Pressing Surface: 64” x 64”
Number of Daylights: 1
Open Press Height of Daylight: 48”
Distance Between Sideplates: 65”
Hotplate Type: Steam Heated Platens

This press design can be modified and supplied as a stand alone press.  It is also available in smaller tonnages, including 1,000 tons, 500 tons or less.

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