French LoBoy Compression Molding Press

French LoBoy™ Upacting Compression Molding Press delivers high tonnage and low deflection in an easy-to-accommodate footprint and production friendly height.

Technical Specifications:
Clamping Pressure:  450 tons
Pressing Surface: 24 x 24 inches
Ram Diameter:  24” (chrome plated)
Stroke:  10.5”
Working Height:  32”
Configuration:  Upacting

No Pit
The LoBoy pictured has 450 tons of clamping pressure provided by 2,000 psi. It is ergonomically designed to a 32′ open-press working height. The press requires no pit, so it can be placed anywhere in your plant and easily relocated.

Low Deflection
The LoBoy yields only .001” deflection per foot span on a 24″ x 24″ pressing surface. The headblocks and water-cooled platens are notably thicker than those found on typical presses. In addition to superior flatness and parallelism, it provides exceptional rigidity and lasting performance. French’s advanced analytical design assures you the press delivers the loaded deflections required. Studies prove users experience significantly lower rejected parts as a result.

French LoBoy 450 Ton Hydraulic Press

The platen guidance system is French’s exclusive design featuring hardened wear strips on side plates. The wear strips give the LoBoy extended life and delivers smooth operation for years and years with minimum maintenance.

Pressure, platen size, bottom surface and upper anvil base surface can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Common options include T-slots, hydraulic actuation cylinders, tooling mounting stops, and slots. These features can be carried over, into a four-post configuration with remote French hydraulics, and custom control panels for your unique requirements.

The press has side (accelerating) cylinders can be utilized for fast closing and opening speeds with a prefill valve hydraulic circuit.

Safety Options
French supplies the LoBoy Upacting Press with guard screens, emergency-stop controls, and working-volume safety gates or “light curtains”. French will work with purchasers of the LoBoy to achieve a safe operation for their installation.

Units are shipped as an assembled unit, ready to be filled with hydraulic oil, hooked-up electrically, and started. Plant production layouts are easily updated with the LoBoy because no pit is required with this tonnage.

Contact our hydraulic press sales team for more information on a LoBoy press for your molding application.