Custom Screw Press Preparation and Extraction Equipment

Since 1900, French® has supported and supplied mechanical screw presses and custom manufactured oilseed preparation equipment. Our trusted equipment is built for the extraction of vegetable oil from oil-bearing seeds and nuts. The extracted oil can be used for food and industrial purposes, including biodiesel and other fuels.

Important Features of French Screw Press and Oilseed Equipment

French oilseed processing equipment has earned a trusted reputation with years of reliable, efficient service throughout the world. Our heavy duty and durable equipment has an average life span of 50-70 years, operates with maximum productivity, and lower processing cost per ton.

achiever screw press and oilseed equipment
Model Achiever 55 Screw Press

Benefits and Capabilities of French Screw Presses

Our rugged Achiever oil extraction screw presses are designed with hard-coated shaft parts and screen bars that are built to last two to three times longer than case-hardened parts.

French is the only company with a screw press designed to water-cool its main cages in addition to cooling the main shaft. This unique functionality reduces the temperature rise and heat degradation of the press cake and crude oil. Therefore, it provides a lighter color cake and higher quality oil.

Another important feature of our screw presses is an efficient force feeder assembly to expel air from the feed stream. It ensures 100% feed to the feed hopper and main cage. The force feeder includes a vertical fixed speed screw conveyor and a variable speed horizontal feed conveyor to convey the material from the conditioner discharge to the press force feeder. Our screw presses also include a parallel shaft helical gear reducer with splash lubrication, a service factor of 1.75 or greater.

Motorized cone mechanisms are available for our Achiever Screw Presses‘ discharge to allow full control of back-pressure adjustment while producing press cake. Or, a die plate is available to produce porous pellets prior to the solvent extraction process.

Model 1480 Cracking Mill

Additional Oilseed Equipment Designs

Cracking Mills designed to crack larger beans and nuts into smaller pieces for further processing.

Flaking Mills to flake smaller material to a thickness of .012” or .015”.

Cooker Conditioners heat the material to the ideal temperature and moisture content to obtain maximum oil extraction.

Visit our main oilseed equipment designs page to explore our full array of equipment. Or contact us to speak with one of our helpful representatives for more information.

oilseed flaking mill
Model 3180 Flaking Mill