Custom Screw Press Preparation and Extraction Equipment

Since 1900, French® has supported and supplied custom manufactured oilseed preparation equipment and mechanical screw presses for the extraction of vegetable oil from oil-bearing seeds and nuts for food and industrial uses, including biodiesel and other fuels.

Our proprietary line of durable Cracking Mills, Flaking Mills, Conditioners and Screw Presses have a worldwide reputation for years of reliable operation.
French is the only company with a screw press designed to water-cool its main cages in addition to cooling the main shaft, which reduces the temperature rise and heat degradation of the press cake and crude oil, providing a lighter color cake and higher quality oil.

Additional Oilseed Equipment Designs include:

  • Laboratory Screw Press for pilot-scale and small-scale vegetable oil extraction applications
  • Magnet to remove any steel material in the feed stream
  • Cleaner to pre-clean material
  • Rate Bin to provide steady and even flow of material to the process equipment
  • Cake Cooler to cool solids from screw press
  • Cake Grinder to grind press cake to desired particle size
  • Oil Settling Tank to remove larger solids in crude oil extracted by screw press
  • Oil Filter to remove smaller particles of solids in crude oil from oil settling tank to produce filtered crude oil
  • Enhanser Press for pelletizing oil-bearing seeds or pre-press cake

Download our Oilseed Equipment literature for additional information or contact us for more information.

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Model 1480 Cracking Mill
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Model Achiever 55 Screw Press
oilseed flaking mill
Model 3180 Flaking Mill