Electrically Heated Platen Press

French custom designs electrically heated platen press designs that provide uniform heat distribution and temperature control. The electrically heated platen press is ideal for lamination, molding or bonding a variety of materials. Various custom and standard size platens are available to suit your exact molding requirements.

Electrically Heated Platen Press Features:

  • Standard heated platen press designs heat to an operating temperature of 550° (optional up to 1200°)
  • Our platens are thicker to diffuse heat evenly across the entire surface
  • Heated platens are insulated to maintain uniform temperature with high strength composite and microsanded materials
  • Platens are machined from one solid piece of steel or stainless steel and precision drilled for cartridge type heating elements
  • Heated platen presses with high wattage heaters are available for rapid heating rates
  • Platen heaters are specially coated to improve heat transfer and ease of removal
  • Multi-zones and special heater configurations provide uniform heating over the entire platen
  • Monitored heater fault detection is available as an option
  • Each heated platen press has temperature zone control with PID control that is set and displayed on the operator panel

Please contact a French representative for more information about on our electrically heated platen press designs.

Our heated platen presses can be supplied with the following heating methods:

French Oil Mill Machinery Company owns the exclusive license from Acrolab for the manufacture and sale of Isoplatens® within the rubber molding and processing industry in North America. Isoplaten® is a registered trademark of Acrolab Ltd.

Electrically heated platen press for heating up to to 600°F, also with water cooling