Injection Molding

Hydraulic Presses, Injection Molding:

Typically known as the fastest, most accurate, most repeatable method for rubber goods production. Numerous specialized cycles such as injection/transfer, injection/compression, preform, vacuum purge and volumetric bump cycles provide many molding and process options. These various tools can help solve many molding problems, and optimize the cycle time. However, injection molding requires much more processing knowledge and strict control over the machinery and material parameters. One serious problem with injection molding of thermosetting materials is that, under heat, many materials will first soften, and then harden to an infusible state. Great care to limit to the amount of time and heat put into the thermoset material. Otherwise, anything from minor material degradation, part non-uniformity, to complete freezing up the injection unit can result. Another concern is that the equipment is generally not suited for short production runs. Tooling and material changeover can be very timely and costly.

Contact us today for questions about French hydraulic presses. We also offer three different injection molding models through TMP Asian.

Econo-Jet RIVH

Best suited for:

  • Close dimensional tolerances
  • Large production volumes – (particularly suited for products similar to grommets, O-rings, and seals – small to medium sized parts)
  • Low to medium-high durometer materials
  • Insert molding
  • Small delicate parts

Advantages over other methods:

  • Shorter production cycles mean lower unit cost
  • Ability to maintain closest dimensional tolerances
  • Specialized cycle availability provides solutions to tricky production problems
  • Lower production cost can be obtained with large production volumes


  • Highest investment cost (press, tooling and auxiliary equipment)
  • Most complex processing method
  • Typically the highest excess material (scrap)
  • Not well suited for filled materials
  • Generates the greatest amount of material degradation
  • Lowest cavity pressure that cannot process high durometer materials
  • Longest set-up time / costly for short production runs
  • Requires closed loop processing feedback
  • Specialized process and cycles parameter
  • Requires higher skill set for operators and processing staff
  • Tooling Maintenance due to erosion of gates or runners