Fiber Press Designs

Maximum Performance in Pulp Dewatering Applications

The French® series of LP (low-pressure) pulp dewatering presses deliver precise control over discharge moisture. LP dewatering screw presses can separate liquid and solids from most moisture bearing fibrous materials. The press operates with a feed consistency of 2 – 4% and a discharge consistency of 25 – 35%.

Ideal Applications Include:

Pulp washing and bleaching
Paper recycling and de-inking operations
High consistency refining of primary pulp and rejects
Liquid removal before pulp storage and transport
Concentration of waste treatment sludges
Excess water removal from corn fiber, corn germ, alfalfa and similar materials

Four Basic Models ranging from 50 to 300 bone-dry metric tons per day capacity, allow the optimum choice for your application:

  • LP-1890
  • LP-18120
  • LP-28150
  • LP-28200

As Your Partner in Processing, French engineers will customize any press design to best meet your requirements.