Automatic Hydraulic Rubber Transfer Molding Platen Press Increases Production

TMP introduced a fully automatic hydraulic press system that was designed to increase production efficiency.

Although available in any size, the Model T770 rubber transfer molding press was designed to produce a rapid shot size of 20 pounds or higher. This 770-ton platen press, with 32″ x 32″ platens, utilizes servo hydraulics to control the size and velocity of the shot.

All areas of the new hydraulic press are under vacuum and accurate temperature control, including the automated charging system. The heated platens are equipped with three zones of electric temperature control, while the other sections of the system employ liquid temperature control. All temperatures, vacuum, and process cycles are controlled by a programmable, user-friendly advanced control package. The controls also notify the machine tender when recharging of material is required.

Included in the automatic hydraulic press system’s features is the ejection of molded parts into a tote system that automatically conveys the parts downline. Following each cycle, the mold area is automatically sprayed and brushed to clean the molds for the next cycle.

TMP automatic transfer molding presses can be designed for use with silicone rubber or for a number of other rubber compounds.

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Rubber Transfer Molding System is Fully Automatic

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