Oilseed Extraction Equipment and Screw Presses

Oil Extraction Equipment
Model 1252 Cracking Mill

French® custom designs, manufactures and supports preparation equipment and mechanical screw presses for the extraction of vegetable oil from oil-bearing seeds and nuts for food and industrial uses, including biodiesel and other fuels. Our heavy duty and durable equipment has an average life span of 60-70 years and operates with maximum productivity and lower processing cost per ton. For over 110 years our customers have been satisfied with French’s process solutions that meet and exceed industry standards of high quality crude oil and meal and oil extraction efficiencies.

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About Oil Extraction, Screw Presses & Processing Equipment

Supplying new equipment is only part of French’s commitment to the oilseed industry. French also provides rebuilding services for used French preparation equipment and screw presses.

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Your Oilseed Extraction and Screw Press Applications

Learn specific information about your application from soybeans to babassu nuts. French offers full press extraction equipment and systems to prepare high oil content seeds and nuts.

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Oilseed Process Equipment and Screw Presses

French manufacturers major processing equipment to process most oilseeds from an oilseed extraction magnet to an oil settling tank.

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Innovation Center for Mechanical Screw Presses

French’s Innovation Center has a variety of testing services for oilseed customers to test products. Special seeds and materials that have been processed in our laboratory include grape seed, corn germ foots, chili peppers and more.

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