French Screw Press for Canola Oil Extraction

French partners with customers to design and supply full press extraction and preparation systems that best meet their processing needs. Before ordering French equipment, customers can conduct performance trials in French’s Innovation Center. By working closely with French’s team of experienced engineers, customers optimize their extraction process through lab tests to obtain their desired processing results. French engineers apply the intimate knowledge of the customer’s extraction process to our designs to deliver equipment with maximum productivity and operating efficiencies that decrease processing costs per ton.

Can Pro Ingredients Ltd., an integrated bio-refinery for processing canola and alfalfa contacted French in November 2005 for equipment to produce high quality extra virgin canola oil and canola press cake for further processing into canola protein concentrate in their proprietary fractionation process at their Arborfield, Saskatchewan plant.

French partnered with Can Pro in a series of laboratory tests utilizing a French lab conditioner and screw press to develop a mechanical extraction process that obtains their desired process results. Based on the processing method, French suggested that the French Model 7120 Conditioner and Achiever 55 screw oil press would best fit Can Pro’s unique process needs and deliver the required capacity.

After operating the conditioner and screw press for close to three years, Francis Rodier, President of Can Pro Ingredients, stands by the value of French’s equipment.

“French worked closely with us during, and after, the initial start-up of the equipment to ensure the equipment obtained our desired process results. Since the initial start-up of the Conditioner and Achiever 55 screw press we have worked together to optimize the process in terms of output, lower residual oil in the press cake and higher quality oil, which has allowed us to further decrease our overall processing costs per ton. The Achiever press has certainly proven to be the right choice for us to consistently obtain the high quality canola oil and press cake quality we require.

“We are impressed by the superior service and press performance we have found using French. Not only is our French equipment highly reliable and allows us to obtain excellent process results, French is always there to support us and provide technical assistance when required.”
-Francis Rodier, President, Can Pro Ingredients

About French
French is a leading supplier and innovator of processing equipment for the worldwide oilseed processing industry. We have sold over 1,000 roller mills and screw presses in more than 80 countries worldwide, processing all major oilseeds for traditional uses and for further processing into biofuels. Our heavy duty and durable equipment has an average life span over 50 years and operates with maximum productivity and lower processing costs per ton. We are Your Partner in Processing.