Card Lamination Press Series for Print Shops and Short Run Applications

TMP Hydraulic Card Lamination Press Designed for Printers, Mailing Houses and Short Run Applications

TMP, a global hydraulic press manufacturer of plastic laminating presses for the plastic card and credit card market, has introduced a new ML series for card lamination press print shops, mailing houses and short-run plastic card operations.

Although available in a number of sizes, the Model ML-1826-3 is capable of producing 2640 plastic cards per hour.

The lamination press Model 1826-3 utilizes aluminum platens 18″ x 26″(46x66cm). These aluminum platens increase temperature uniformity and production by 33% when compared to standard steel platens.

These units are suited to all types of plastic laminated card production, including contactless cards. The Advanced Control Package provides storage of 5 recipes, temperature and pressure ramping, actual vs. set point data display and visual and audible alarms including heater failure detection. Controls are user friendly and use a 10″ touchscreen.

The ML series systems are suitable for use by experienced card producers or operations that are just entering plastic card production. The lamination press systems are self-contained packages that include the laminator, closed loop cooling system, trays, polished lamination plates and pads.

Card Press Suits Print Shops and Short Run Applications

Since 1978 TMP has been in the business of engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of technologically-advanced machines. TMP is an innovative designer, manufacturer, rebuilder, and servicer of hydraulic presses, laminators, intensive mixers, and related components, controls, and auxiliary equipment. TMP supplies machines and parts to thousands of customers worldwide for many molding, mixing, and product handling applications.  TMP was acquired by The French Oil Mill Machinery Co. in 2009, ever-increasing our international reputation for building high-performance machinery.