Oil Extraction Press Performance Trial Video

French Oil Mill Machinery Company released a new video showing an oil extraction performance trial conducted on one of our laboratory screw presses. The short video was filmed in our Piqua, Ohio Innovation Center development lab where we offer lab testing for customers needing to test various oil bearing materials and extraction processing methods.

During the performance trials French’s team of experienced engineers can experiment with a variety of conditioning temperatures and moistures, screw press shaft arrangement configurations and screen bar spacing to maximize oil recovery, as well as various testing of cage and main shaft temperatures to minimize the frictional heat buildup in the press to reduce heat degradation of the crude oil and the press cake thereby producing higher quality oil and meal.

If the lab tests confirm that our customer’s desired processing results can be achieved using our pilot scale oilseed processing equipment, French can apply the information obtained in the trials to design and supply custom screw presses and other processing equipment that operates with maximum productivity and efficiencies that reduce overall life cycle costs.

We have experience testing a wide variety of oil bearing materials including soybeans, canola seed, rapeseed, flaxseed, copra, algae, sunflower seed, corn germ, peanuts/groundnuts, paprika seed, almonds, walnut meats, cocoa nibs, cherry pits, coffee beans, and potato chips.

Download literature for more information on our Oil Extraction Press.

Confidentiality agreements are available for customer’s needing to protect their unique extraction process.