Automatic Circuit Board Lamination Press

Custom Designed Automatic Hydraulic Lamination Press for Circuit Board Manufacturing

TMP, A Division of French recently developed a multi-purpose, 300-ton vacuum automatic hydraulic lamination system for the printed circuit board industry that allows research development with high-end experimental material, product samples and small run production capabilities. The specialized, electrically heated platens allow high temperature molding, up to 750ºF, with controlled air and/or water-cooling capability for maintaining homogeneous material properties.

TMP’s Edge Advanced Control System gives the customer flexibility in their processing by allowing process parameter monitoring, recipe storage at press, real time data storage and other custom recipes with selectable sheet sizes. Integrated diagnostic tools provide both visual and audible programmable alarms, alerting operators to out-of -tolerance parameters or conditions potentially leading to unacceptable or scrapped products. Very accurate pressure control allows additional flexibility for a variety of materials and board sizes.

The automatic hydraulic lamination press features an integrated closed-loop cooling system that allows rapid and controlled cooling capability. The press’s vacuum system helps improve lamination quality and reduce voids while reducing the bump cycle, thus shortening cycle time, increasing throughput and profit.

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Hydraulic Vacuum Lamination Press

About TMP, A Division of French

TMP, A Division of French designs, manufactures and supports hydraulic vacuum lamination presses, from prototype to fully automated systems. A leader in high temperature, tight tolerance presses, TMP custom-designs presses to meet customer’s needs with design enhancements for PTFE, ceramic, flex, high frequency and microwave materials. TMP’s proven technology and dedicated service will give you higher quality boards and increased production with reduced costs.

TMP also offers machine rebuilding and retrofits for automation, improved product quality and process control. TMP was acquired by The French Oil Mill Machinery Co. in 2009, ever-increasing our international reputation for building high-performance machinery. To date, TMP has supplied machinery to over 1,000 customers in over 16 countries.

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