Vision® Series Hydraulic Presses for Lamination Applications

The French Oil Mill Machinery Co. recently custom designed several Vision® Series 100-ton hydraulic presses with optional lamination package used to manufacture components for U.S. submarines.

These up-acting column presses feature a hydraulic power unit, electronic control package and point of operation guarding integrated into a compact modular design. Specially designed electrically heated platens yield improved temperature uniformity to 480º F. Platens are designed for cooling via multiple passages for water circulation and deliver typical temperature uniformity of +/- 5º F over 95% of the surface area. A specialized ASTM package provides accurate heating uniformity and cooling rates of 15º C per minute to allow the manufacturing of material test specimens.

For increased flexibility in manufacturing applications, the presses feature adjustable pressing speed and tonnage controls with a dual label pressure and tonnage gauge to display press settings. An optional precision process control package provides tighter control of processing parameters and more repeatable molding performance. This allows customers to optimize their process and potentially reduce cycle time, produce higher and more consistent quality parts while also reducing scrap.

The energy efficient package includes a premium efficient TEFC electric motor, a variable displacement pump and a controlled cooling loop to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. To further conserve energy and water, an automatic valve on the cooling circuit regulates and maintains ideal oil temperature for proper press operations and hydraulic system reliability.

A powered front gate with an interlock switch allows automatic cycling and reduces the likelihood of operator injuries. Two touch buttons initiate front gate motion and allow for cycle start once the door is fully closed. As an additional precaution, the presses feature a pair of mounted light curtains.

French Vision Series presses are available in 10 to 150 ton models for lamination, compression, transfer or vacuum molding. Presses can feature a NRTL Equipment Certification for customers requiring compliance to specific standards or local codes. Vision presses also include built-in lift truck tubes and leveling pads for easy installation or relocation.

French has been the industry technology and quality leader since 1900, serving customers in over 80 countries. The family-owned, ISO-certified company custom designs, manufactures and supports a wide assortment of stand-alone hydraulic presses and turnkey systems for the lamination, composite, friction and rubber industries. Press tonnages generally range from 10 to 2,000 tons, with various platen sizes. French presses are well known for their superior value, very low deflection, rugged construction, long life and industry-leading three-year warranty. French is the parent company of TMP, A Division of French, who also engineers lamination presses.

French Vision Series 100 Ton Lamination Press