Custom Hydraulic Presses Resources

The French Oil Mill Machinery Company’s custom hydraulic presses feature a wide variety of engineered designs, making them a fit for solutions of all kinds – from stand-alone hydraulic presses to machines interfaced with automated material and mold handling equipment for unattended manufacturing.

Custom hydraulic presses can be complex, especially since we are constantly innovating our designs to meet our customer’s unique processing needs with more advanced features such as heated platens, advanced control systems, temperature (cooling) control, various construction styles, and automation.

As an innovative industry leader, we offer abundant services and resources in order to help improve production and set users up for long-term success.

YouTube Channel
Our videos showcase multiple hydraulic presses as they demonstrate the various uses for each.

  • Automated Hydraulic Presses displays two automated hydraulic presses used for compression molding composite and rubber materials, with custom features including multiple daylight openings, automation, and advanced control systems.
  • French Hydraulic Press – The Wave features a custom designed 180-ton 60 x 20 hydraulic press demonstrating its closed-loop hydraulic motion control by doing The Wave.
  • French Automated 350-ton Hydraulic Press shows a French automated 350-ton hydraulic press runs through the mold service cycle. This sideplate press is part of a four-press system custom designed for a customer molding seals for the oil and gas industry.

Free Guide
Maintenance Tips for Hydraulic Presses
Download this guide with maintenance tips for hydraulic presses. Subject areas cover maintenance and inspection schedules, selections of lubricants, oil analysis and change, and more.

Literature Options
Select from a wide variety of brochures that provide information on French and TMP products for the following groups: Hydraulic, Lamination Press, Rubber Mixer, Oilseed, Polymer, and Fiber.

Case Studies by Application
These case studies provide details on some of the many industries we serve with our hydraulic presses:

Aerospace, Military & Defense:
500 ton Custom Designed Hydraulic Platen Press to Form Aircraft Parts 
TMP’s 500 ton Hydraulic Platen Press was custom designed for a customer forming large aircraft parts. Read how the hydraulic unit for the press was strategically mounted on a base plate to allow in-plant flexibility.

250-ton Automatic Hydraulic Vacuum Press for Cold Pot Transfer Molding
TMP’s 250-ton hydraulic vacuum press for cold pot transfer molding can be used for a wide variety of molding rubber components, including automotive parts.

Automatic Composite Molding System Reduces Production Costs
French’s four press composite molding system features two heated presses for heating up to 1000°F and two water-cooled presses. Read how the composite press operator can adjust tonnage and pressure rise for precise part molding.

Fuel Cell
Precision Control Packages
Precision Control Packages are often used in fuel cell applications to improve the accuracy and parameter control.

Grinding Wheels 
Hydraulic Presses for Abrasive Applications
Our compact and self-contained hydraulic presses feature stainless steel or special alloy heated platens for high temperature heating up to 1200ºF.

Long-Stroke Compaction Hydraulic Press
Many customers have been able to reduce the scrap rates that exceeded 25% to nearly zero because of the specialized compaction control.

VISION® Series of laboratory presses
VISION Series presses deliver optimal performance in a diverse array of applications, including R&D work, testing, short runs, limited production, cell manufacturing and lean manufacturing.

New Card Lamination Series for Print Shops and Short Run Applications
TMP’s ML series for card lamination press print shops, mailing houses and short-run plastic card operations is capable of producing 2640 plastic cards per hour.

Composite Molding Press for Medical Laboratory Testing Components
TMP’s 300-ton downacting press was designed for a customer molding composite medical components. TMP partnered with the customer’s engineers to design a specialized operator interface that could be integrated into their existing programs.

Custom Hydraulic Press for Specialty Molding Capabilities to Increase Customers Production
TMP designed a custom hydraulic press with four independent openings for a leading manufacturer of foam-filled panels.

Sporting Goods
Low Deflection, Multi Press System
This up-acting hydraulic sideplate press was custom engineered for golf ball manufacturing. The press is part of a multiple press system designed with special low deflection to produce extremely consistent ball size throughout the numerous mold cavities.

For more information on our Custom Hydraulic Presses, contact us or give us a call at 1-937-773-3420.