Hydraulic Press Machine Series for Rubber and Silicone Molding

French Oil Mill Machinery Company’s cost-effective hydraulic press machine series, TMP Asian, is a standard hydraulic press product line that offers presses for compression, vacuum and injection molding of rubber and silicone components for a broad range of industries, including but not limited to automotive, consumer, industrial, medical and sporting.

RIVH Injection Molding Press

The Econo-Jet RIVH rubber injection molding press series features a specialized two-stage material supply. It eliminates the presence of dead material in the injection system by effectively expelling bubbles out of the raw material. Econo-Jet models are offered with capacities from 200 to 600 tons.

rivh injection molding hydraulic press machine
Econo-Jet RIVH

RC Compression Molding Press

The Econo-Tech RC compression molding press system uses double mold plates for high speed production capabilities. The hydraulic press machine is self-contained, and is designed with a central control system. Econo-Tech presses are available in 200 to 600 ton models with platen sizes ranging from 550mm to 950mm square.

rc compression molding hydraulic press machine
Econo-Tech RC Compression Molding Press

Order a Cost-Effective Hydraulic Press Machine Today

TMP Asian also offers a line of Vacu-Jet vacuum molding presses. Our presses are shipped directly from our Piqua, Ohio facility, and are serviced by our experienced team of technicians to help reduce downtime concerns. The combined technology, cost-effectiveness, and dedicated aftermarket service support make purchasing TMP Asian a prudent choice. Please contact us or download a product brochure to learn more. We look forward to sharing the benefits of TMP Asian with you.