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Automated 350 Ton Sideplate Hydraulic Press System for Rubber and Composite Molding

French® custom designs, manufactures and supports hydraulic presses for rubber molding, composite molding, laminating, forming, bonding and various additional applications. Presses can be designed with capacities ranging from 20 tons to 2,000 tons, with various heated platen sizes, for compression, transfer, lamination or vacuum molding. French hydraulic press engineering designs are continually being improved by quality driven programs and with enhancements in automation and advanced electrical control systems.

Our hydraulic presses are well known for their superior value, very low deflection, rugged construction, patented taper keys, long life and industry-leading three-year warranty, all of which optimize your process, improve part quality and give you the lowest life cycle costs.

In addition to our own line of ISO-certified hydraulic presses, French offers laminators, rubber molding presses and composite presses engineered by TMP, A Division of French.

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About Custom Hydraulic Press Services

French delivers custom molding solutions to meet your exact needs, whether it is a stand-alone hydraulic press or a complete turnkey system. Heavy-duty construction guarantees many years of reliable operation with minimum downtime.

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Hydraulic Press Designs

French custom designs and manufactures each hydraulic press to meet the specifications and functions of each customer, from die trim applications to material loading and part removal and on to specialized microprocessor-based advanced control systems designed to improve product quality through better pressing accuracy, repeatability, versatility and monitoring of data for analysis.  French hydraulic presses are ISO-certified and can also meet ASTM or CE certification guidelines.

Check out the wide variety of French custom hydraulic press designs from laboratory presses to lamination presses.

Hydraulic Press Automation

Automatic hydraulic press solutions are handled by our experienced team of controls engineers to meet our customer’s unique needs. Utilizing automation in your molding process can dramatically improve production rates in reduce your overall costs.

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Isobars® & Isoplatens®

French integrates Isobar® heat pipe and Isoplaten® heated platen technology into our hydraulic presses for advanced molding performance. These engineered thermal solutions guarantee results equating to increased profitability, advanced temperature uniformity and more.

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Your Application

Find specific information about your hydraulic press application from automotive, aerospace, fuel cell, medical, military and sporting goods to laboratory hydraulic presses. French provides a variety of highly dependable hydraulic press designs to meet your specific molding needs.

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Maintenance, Calibration & Repair Parts

Regular maintenance and calibration of hydraulic press systems lowers production costs and maximizes productivity by minimizing rates, breakdowns and production downtime. French supplies a variety of replacements parts for your hydraulic press including glands, heated platens and seals. Rebuild services include rams, hydraulic cylinders and press electronics.

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Molding Processes

French provides equipment for an array of hydraulic press molding processes from compression molding to transfer molding and more.

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French owns the exclusive license from Acrolab to sell Isobar® Super Thermal Conductors and for the manufacture and sale of Isoplatens® within the rubber molding and processing industry in North America and selected worldwide markets. Isobar® and Isoplaten® are registered trademarks of Acrolab Ltd.