Hydraulic Presses for Rubber Molding

French custom hydraulic presses for rubber molding applications are available from 5 ton to 2,000 tons with a wide range of platen sizes and daylight openings.

Our capabilities and solutions are built to serve processes from small to large, servicing the automotive, defense, medical, oil and gas industries and more.

French engineers are here to partner with you to custom design and manufacture your hydraulic press to improve your rubber molding processes.

Below are just a few examples of how our hydraulic presses provide solutions to fit the needs of your molding initiatives. We have the ability to custom build each press to be adapted to a range of industries and applications.

Compression Molding Presses

Compression molding presses are the most popular production method for rubber molding. They can be used for a large variety of part sizes and materials, and they foster a low waste method that offers the simplest process, lowest investment, and greatest flexibility throughout the molding process.

French 850 Ton Compression Molding Hydraulic Press
Sideplate construction
2 daylights
40” x 40” pressing surface
30” stroke
3-zone electrically heated platens rated for 425F


French 30 Ton Hydraulic Compression Press
Four post construction
15” x 15” pressing surface
12” daylight opening
Electrically heated platens rated for 700F
72” press height

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This French 850-ton compression molding hydraulic press is used to mold rubber components for the rubber industry.
30 Ton Hydraulic Compression Press


Sideplate Press

Sideplate hydraulic presses come in up or down-acting configurations and can be designed as a transfer molding press or a compression molding press to fit a variety of rubber molding and even composite molding requirements.

French temperature-compensated, gib-guided sideplate presses feature an exclusive taper key design that forms a pre-stressed, rigid joint between the sideplates and the headblock/cylinder, eliminating small movements in the joint, which increases the lifetime value of our equipment as it lessens the wear associated with that movement.

French 500 Ton Down-Acting Sideplate Press
140” x 72” pressing surface
90” daylight opening
48” stroke
222” press height

French 2200 Ton Up-Acting Sideplate Presses
64” x 64” pressing surface
48” daylight opening
40” stroke
Steam heated platens rated for 350F

French 520 Ton Slab Side Hydraulic Press
5 daylight openings
36” x 36” pressing surface
13” stroke
Electrically heated platens rated for 550F

This press was also built as a 1300-ton press with 56” x 56” electrically heated platens, also for heating up to 550°F.

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French also supplies a cost-effective, standard hydraulic press product line, TMP Asian, which offers presses for compression, vacuum and injection molding of rubber and silicone components. Press models range from 100 to 600 ton capacities with a variety of mold openings.

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500 Ton Sideplate Hydraulic Press
520 Ton Hydraulic Compression Press