Custom Mixing: Opportunity for Growth in 2018 and Beyond

With the first quarter of 2018 coming to a close, the custom rubber mixing industry is experiencing new heights. With an encouraging economy and client-demand for custom mixing solutions higher than ever before, custom mixing companies are making the most of a year of strong growth, pushing for expansion and picking up work from producers who are doing less mixing in-house.

The trend of streamlining parts of the production process without using in-house resources means that outsourcing custom mixing is in higher demand than ever before, according to the Rubber & Plastic News article Custom mixers see market expanding. The article explains that the custom mixing market is expanding and growing in 2018 due to a few compelling reasons that are a result of shifting supply chains and other economic factors.

Custom mixers provide technical support.

Custom mixers provide technical support for customers to fill the void of missing technical expertise at many organizations. As the rubber sector continues to have problems attracting young technical people interested in the business, manufacturers have had fewer opportunities to train young chemical engineers who could then go back out into the rubber industry to serve as technical directors. When companies invest in new machinery and equipment, like our heavy duty Techni-Mix Rubber Mixers, because they need it, and if they don’t have the technical expertise, a better decision is to outsource the need to the experts themselves.

Custom mixing equals value-added mixing.

With so many types of mixing needed in the chemical industry, custom mixing provides very specific types of applications that equipment and technology fit perfectly. Working with smaller custom mixers add personalized, value-added services and long-term relationships.

Custom mixers provide asset utilization and a managed supply chain.

Newer companies just coming into the rubber industry tend to be more focused on finished product and look to custom mixing companies for technical support. Custom mixers typically have a higher level of raw material purchasing power and have processes and systems in place to handle high volumes of materials very effectively. As the rubber industry continues to bring their materials from overseas to the U.S, custom mixers are unique in that they are relatively shielded from off-shore foreign competition because mixed rubber compounds with curative are perishable goods with a finite shelf life, and shipping rubber long distances presents a variety of packaging and logistical challenges.

With current and forecasted support of the domestic manufacturing market, the future of custom mixing, not to mention the technical aspects of the whole rubber market, looks bright. Especially as on-shoring continues, and more customers need a good technical eye for compounding, potential in the growing industry is exciting – and we’re looking forward to all that is to come!

About French – TMP Rubber Mixers

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55 Liter Techni-Mix Rubber Mixer
55 Liter Techni-Mix Rubber Mixer