The Critical Importance of Rubber

When you think of rubber, one of the first products you may think of is tires.  You’re not alone.  But, rubber is actually part of countless products that we use in our everyday lives – rubber transcends the aerospace, athletics, automotive, defense, industrial, medical markets and more.

R.D. Abbott Company, Inc. and the Rubber Division, ACS, have partnered to produce a video titled “Rubber: It’s Not Just Tires” showing how important rubber is in our modern world. As Rick Ziebell, Technology Fellow for R.D. Abbott points out, “There wouldn’t be any cars, airplanes, electricity, running water, heat, air conditioning or cell phones without rubber technology.”

As you may imagine, with a product that is so critical and so widely used, there are also a myriad of career opportunities that go into the development and production of rubber and rubber products.

Within French, employees in each of our departments support the rubber industry in some capacity, whether they are in administration, engineering, field service, finance, machining and machine assembly, marketing, production support or sales.

Interested in the machinery we make that supports the rubber industry?  Check out our:

Be sure to watch the video to catch a glimpse of one of the industries we serve. If you’re ready to join the rubber industry visit our Career Opportunities page to see if we have a fit for you.

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