French Continues Essential Operations During the Ohio COVID-19: Stay at Home Order

During this very difficult and extraordinary time for our nation, our families, our co-workers and our communities, we continue to be impressed and encouraged by how all have pulled together. We are encouraged every day by the selflessness that individuals are demonstrating within our team and throughout our shared industry to take care of each other and our loyal and dependent customers.

On March 22 Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine issued a “Stay at Home Order” for the protection of Ohioans during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

First and foremost, our collective goal is the safety and well-being of our French Oil Mill Machinery Company team members, their families and our community while we provide our customers with what they require in order that they may be able to support humanitarian and defense efforts throughout the country during this time.

Because French Oil Mill Machinery Company (and related subsidiaries, like T.H.T. Presses, Inc.) support multiple essential industries who rely on a steady and uninterrupted supply of our machinery and parts to keep their operations running, our plan is to continue operations at French and THT as long as we have a safe environment for our people; we have been designated an “essential industry” and are permitted to remain open by the appropriate government authorities.

You may continue to reach us by calling our main phone number, 937-773-3420, or via our website contact form.

Several of us have questions on how to deal with this situation, for our companies and for ourselves. With the support of associations like the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, our legal council and multiple government entities, we are working on creating answers, but don’t have all of them yet. We will continue to update our employees, our customers, our suppliers and other stakeholders if and when, things change.

We are confident that as a nation, as manufacturers, and as a Company, we will overcome this challenge and we will come out stronger as a result.

Thank you for “pressing on”, for washing your hands often, and for staying distant and safe.