UNI-TEMP Thermal Management Solutions

UNI-TEMP Thermal Management Solutions deliver advanced uniform temperature control into forming, laminating, molding or tooling applications. The UNI-TEMP two-phase heat transfer technology allows stable and controlled temperature rise and fall while maintaining a steady temperature +/-3°C.  The reduction of heat fluctuation coupled with UNI-TEMP’s ability to reduce heat waste, reduces energy costs and improves cycle time, ultimately improving process profitability.

French can supply newly purchased custom hydraulic presses with UNI-TEMP technology or can retrofit existing equipment with UNI-TEMP heated platens.  French also supplies UNI-TEMP thermal management bars for integration in tooling for improved core heating, yielding higher quality parts.

UNI-TEMP’s unique thermal ability to rapidly and evenly distribute heat energy permits the use of one single-zone standard temperature controller for the entire system. No special multi-zone controls and multiple thermocouples are required.

UNI-TEMP Heated Platens for Aerospace Applications

French recently developed a hydraulic press system to improve the part quality of critical composite aerospace components while dramatically reducing production costs.  The 300 ton downacting, sideplate hydraulic press system is designed with an Integrated RTM Package and Precision Control Motion Package. Customers may integrate specialized UNI-TEMP platens for even more advanced temperature control for both heating and cooling phases.

UNI-TEMP Heated Platens for Composite Applications

A new French Vision Series hydraulic vacuum press, specially designed for customers molding composite parts, is available in 30 to 150 ton models.  The press construction has slab sides with keyways machined in sets to provide correctly proportional loading and exact parallelism of matching components. The vacuum pump eliminates entrapped air and moisture in the composite materials and removes entrapped volatiles caused during the molding process that can reduce part quality. The press pump can be sized to draw full vacuum in 2 minutes or less, for faster cycle time.  Presses can be fitted with UNI-TEMP platens, reducing heat waste and energy costs.

300 Ton Hydraulic Press for Composite Molding Applications